Hosereel Cabinet

Hosereel Cabinet

Please note: the older style NZ4504 Standard cabinets are only suitable for existing buildings (replacing existing installations) having a cut wall size of 560mm wide x 470mm high x 256mm deep.

All new installations require the current AS/NZS 1221 Standard with a slightly larger cut wall size of 640mm wide x 675mm high x 270mm deep.

Cabinets are manufactured from Zintec with a 4mm perimeter flange, flush mounted door with full length piano hinge and can be installed with either right or left side opening door. Finish is polyester powder coated for durability and D-handlefor opening. Stainless Steel models also available. Fittings supplied include stop cock, nuts, bolts and connecting hose.

Hose reels are mounted inside the cabinets with a swing arm and pin assembly allowing a rotation arc of 170o enabling full use of the hose reel in hallway or similar locations.

Hose Reel Cabinets with reel and fittings less hose
Hose Reel Cabinets with reel, all fttings, hose (13mm/19mm) and nozzle
Shrouds are also available for surface mounting of cabinets.
Fire Hose

Fire Hose

First Aid Extinguisher for use on Tar trucks as a wash down in the event of a burn.

9ttr Stainless steel with a special spray dispersant nozzle.
*Reconditioned water extinguishers

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Which fire extinguisher do I need?

Feel free to contact us via our contact page if you are not sure of the type of Fire Extinguisher you require as there are different types for different environments.

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