Dry Chemical Powder 1kg Race Bracket

Dry Chemical Powder 1kg Race Bracket

Motorsport NZ Compliant Fire Rating: 2A:10B:E
Operating Pressure: 1500kpa
Discharge Time (approx): 9.5 sec
Discharge Range (approx): 2M
Dimensions (height x diameter): 340 x 95
Overall Mass (approx): 1.9kg

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Features

Dual mounting strap bracket which is Motorsport NZ Compliant
Deep drawn steel cylinder with welded base and robust skirt.

Powder coated with U V resistant paint finish, giving extra resistance to standard corrosive environments together with dents and wears associated with normal fire extinguisher use.

Zinc plated brass valve with pressure indicator.

316 Stainless steel handles and levers-suitable for aggressive environments.

Inspection tag and ring

Fire extinguishers have been fire tested for the use in A, B & E Class fires

All fire extinguishers should be serviced to the relevant, current NZS4503:2005 - Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment
Vinyl display stickers for the outside of a vehicle

Vinyl display stickers for the outside of a vehicle

Instant recognition of where the First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher are located inside a vehicle

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Which fire extinguisher do I need?

Feel free to contact us via our contact page if you are not sure of the type of Fire Extinguisher you require as there are different types for different environments.

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